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Mini Golf Bag

Mini Golf Bag
Mini Golf Bag

This cool looking Mini Golf Bag can be a real hit during your marketing events! This mini golf bag includes three imprinted Nike (R) NDX Heat golf balls and five imprinted 2 1/8″ tees. Each product also features a metal carabiner that can be easily clipped on any golf bag. The case is made of PVC vinyl, golf balls made of ionomer and the tees are made of wood. Imprint your logo to each and every item for brand exposure!

Oval key tags


Unlock your business potential with these oval key tags! Made of soft, flexible PVC plastic and available in 4 vibrant colors, these popular style promotional products would be an excellent way of promoting any business, project or event. Simply choose from the color options, add your custom message or logo and hand out the finished keytags at the next tradeshow or conference you attend. Features a convenient measurement of 1 3/8″ W x 2 1/8″ H.

Promotional Coffee Mugs: Effective Tool for Advertising your Business

Promotional products are a proven, cost effective way of advertising your company to a very large audience, and promotional coffee mugs are some of the most effective promotional products that are available today. They come in a variety of styles and types to suit every business owner’s promotional requirements. The mug assures that your brand messaging will be viewed on a daily basis, as statistics show that 90% of people in an office setting drink coffee or tea at least three times or more per day.


Why Promotional Coffee Mugs Should be Used your Business

Promotional coffee mugs can be custom made to any specification you want for a more focused form of advertising with a highly visible impact which will reflect positively on your brand. It is in fact easier to personalize due to the large area available on its surface. It is guaranteed to be used over and over again, as it has a long lifespan and it will give your company maximum exposure which translates to a return on investment of your advertising budget giving you value for your money.

Personalized coffee mugs come in many materials and forms to suit any customer’s budget. They are available in ceramic, china, or metal, and they can be in the form of a travel or a thermal mug.

People who receive these mugs to sip their coffees and teas on throughout the day appreciate the gift and will positively receive your company as the gift-giver. The good feeling that people associate with the gift will then reflect on your brand name and your company.


Promotional Coffee Mugs as a Marketing Tool

Your products can also be directly marketed in these mugs as well. Food products like tea, coffee and chocolates can be packed into the mug advertising your business which will additionally increase the attention to your promotional item as well as an original way of introducing your products to clients. The packaging of the mugs can also play a role in the value of your giveaways by designing the packages to fit occasions like Christmas, birthdays, promotions or anniversaries. This allows even more creativity and customizability of your promo items.

Promotional coffee mugs need not be limited to the office setting either. Since a lot of office workers travel or commute to work, many of them carry travel mugs. Promotional travel mugs gives you access to customers who don’t work in the traditional office setting and therefore not part of your normal market. Travel coffee mugs are a good idea because they increase your company’s exposure to other sectors of society.