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Runner shape aluminum bottle opener


Runner shape aluminum bottle opener with split key ring. Running man and figure. A great gift of beer bottle and pop bottle key holder! Solid aluminum construction with metallic color finish. Plain and simple. Ideal imprint area for logo. Ideal for key holder, key tag, key chain, key ring, travel and self promos.

Executive leather-like padfolio


Put a professional touch on your next campaign, tradeshow, marketing event or convention! The Irwin Executive leather-like padfolio features a decorative crocodile design trim on front right side, while the sewn fabric inside cover includes a slip pocket, card holders and pen loop. This padfolio includes a 30 sheet note pad so you can take notes on the go! Customize this padfolio to your specifications for a unique promotional gift.

Promotional Golf Products

Providing customers with something they can take home, use in their offices, or use while playing their favorite sport, is a guaranteed commercial for your company that people will subliminally remember.

Golf ball Promos4u

Why not turn your next golf outing into the perfect advertising opportunity?

Promotional golf products like a custom golf shirt, hat, or ball with your company logo on it makes for an effective advertising tool that maximizes exposure to your brand since they can be seen by potential clients and people around them especially on the golf course.

Giving promotional items as gifts increases the chances of getting a consumer’s business because people enjoy getting free things, so they inadvertently feel good about your company and feel that the company cares for them. Here is a list of some golf promotional items to consider:

  • Golf balls
  • Sun visor caps
  • Golf towels
  •  Golf tees
  •  Sun glasses
  •  Golf Polo Shirts
  •  Golf umbrella

When to Give out Promotional Golf Products

A few suggestions on where it would be appropriate to give promotional golf products as giveaways are:

  •  At company functions like meetings, tournaments or picnics.
  • Clients who are invited for a round of golf can be given special custom made promotional golf products, since they are your guaranteed target market.
  • Whenever existing clients order services from your company, you can give gift items away to show your appreciation.
  • Customers who refer clients to you might also appreciate a promotional item to encourage them to refer more business.
  • You can also give promotional items to potential customers who call for quotes by asking for their address and sending them items in the mail so that they keep you in mind.
  • Customers who walk in your store could be handed gift items.
  • When promoting your product in local trade shows, give promotional items away to interested bystanders.
  • Annually send follow-up gifts to clients on your customer list so their recall of your company is refreshed.


What Promotional Golf Products can do for your Business

The advertising message of promotional products that are distributed successfully can last for years. Also consider giving them away to employees at corporate events. This further increases exposure of your company since your employees also serve as walking billboards for your company.

Your clients who are avid golfers will really feel special when they get their custom golf items that are made with the sport they love in mind. Golf gift sets are a good idea to keep in mind because these can make thoughtful gifts for special occasions. These items can also come with special packaging that is ideal for any business owner’s promotional needs.

The Benefits of Using Promotional Pens

The Benefits of Using Promotional Pens

Promotional products are an excellent but low-cost way of advertising your business. The fact that they are cheap and easy to produce, makes them great tools for the business owner to take advantage of. People in general enjoy receiving free things so whenever they use the item or see it, your company name is placed foremost in their minds and your business is perceived in a positive light since it was given in the form of a gift.


Why Use Promotional Pens?

Studies have shown that eighty four percent of people retain names of companies who gave them gift items, and, according to a study done by the Advertising Specialty Institute in 2010, a single pen is the most frequently used promotional product in its category by being used on average 18.3 times per month.

Promotional products are more effective than billboards or radio ads because they can be passed from person to person and they can end up in different places, being seen by people who may have never heard of your company before. Pens especially are the perfect promotional items to give away as they are useful to everyone as well as small enough to be carried everywhere.


How Promotional Pens Help your Business?

They are an obligation-free way of exposing potential customers to your company. They work because people are always coming into contact with them and the more people are subjected to your brand the more your company will be recognized. Even in today’s electronic age of cell phones and smart phones, people still prefer using the old but reliable pen to write down their to-do lists.

Giving away gift items like promotional pens are not only a very effective way of gaining customers but they also cultivate employee loyalty. Giving employees gifts make them feel like they are part of your team and making them feel this way gives them more drive to perform better as well as creating a more positive feeling in the company. Promotional pens with the company logo on it can be given away by employees to their friends and family as well.

The pen is the most effective promotional tool for any business owner for a number of reasons:

  • Pens are one of the things businesses use unfailingly each day
  • People are constantly taking notes, writing reports, and jotting down grocery lists
  • and more importantly, people share pens a lot

Promotional pens reaches a vast number of potential customers through sharing.  Every time someone uses the pen it breeds familiarity with your product therefore you are more likely to get a call if your product or service is required and because promotional pens are very useful, a positive association is given to the giver – your company.