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Mini Golf Bag

Mini Golf Bag
Mini Golf Bag

This cool looking Mini Golf Bag can be a real hit during your marketing events! This mini golf bag includes three imprinted Nike (R) NDX Heat golf balls and five imprinted 2 1/8″ tees. Each product also features a metal carabiner that can be easily clipped on any golf bag. The case is made of PVC vinyl, golf balls made of ionomer and the tees are made of wood. Imprint your logo to each and every item for brand exposure!

Essential golf kit


This essential golf kit is all you will need during your next golf outing to have the perfect day on the course! Our handy bag comes with 2 golf balls and nine 2 1/8″ golf tees! Includes 2 Authoritee (TM) balls, as well as multiple color choices for the tees and balls. Customize all items with an imprint of your brand name and logo – makes a great prize for golf tournaments, fundraisers and fans of the game!

Charity Events


Recently Promos4U participated in the Bencor Annual Golf Classic, to benefit the Futures Foundation for Volusia County Schools. Here is a sample of the banners and signage we donated to the event. Although our team didn’t win, the event was a great success and raised need money for the foundation. To learn more how you can help out or donate to a great cause check out there website at  http://futuresvolusia.org

Promotional Golf Products

Providing customers with something they can take home, use in their offices, or use while playing their favorite sport, is a guaranteed commercial for your company that people will subliminally remember.

Golf ball Promos4u

Why not turn your next golf outing into the perfect advertising opportunity?

Promotional golf products like a custom golf shirt, hat, or ball with your company logo on it makes for an effective advertising tool that maximizes exposure to your brand since they can be seen by potential clients and people around them especially on the golf course.

Giving promotional items as gifts increases the chances of getting a consumer’s business because people enjoy getting free things, so they inadvertently feel good about your company and feel that the company cares for them. Here is a list of some golf promotional items to consider:

  • Golf balls
  • Sun visor caps
  • Golf towels
  •  Golf tees
  •  Sun glasses
  •  Golf Polo Shirts
  •  Golf umbrella

When to Give out Promotional Golf Products

A few suggestions on where it would be appropriate to give promotional golf products as giveaways are:

  •  At company functions like meetings, tournaments or picnics.
  • Clients who are invited for a round of golf can be given special custom made promotional golf products, since they are your guaranteed target market.
  • Whenever existing clients order services from your company, you can give gift items away to show your appreciation.
  • Customers who refer clients to you might also appreciate a promotional item to encourage them to refer more business.
  • You can also give promotional items to potential customers who call for quotes by asking for their address and sending them items in the mail so that they keep you in mind.
  • Customers who walk in your store could be handed gift items.
  • When promoting your product in local trade shows, give promotional items away to interested bystanders.
  • Annually send follow-up gifts to clients on your customer list so their recall of your company is refreshed.


What Promotional Golf Products can do for your Business

The advertising message of promotional products that are distributed successfully can last for years. Also consider giving them away to employees at corporate events. This further increases exposure of your company since your employees also serve as walking billboards for your company.

Your clients who are avid golfers will really feel special when they get their custom golf items that are made with the sport they love in mind. Golf gift sets are a good idea to keep in mind because these can make thoughtful gifts for special occasions. These items can also come with special packaging that is ideal for any business owner’s promotional needs.